All new FINSEA crew members

2022 was a busy year for Finsea, many young people joined the Group. Here is a brief presentation of each of them.

Alessandro Benelli

In MTO comes with a baggage of over four years of experience in the transport and customer care operations department of a shipping agency and then a logistics operator. From January he joined the export transport department managed by Valentina Marotta.


Simone Bonamino

Simone joined the Yang Ming Italy offices in November 2021 as an intern and from February he was employed in the Cristiano Giannetti managed operations department.


Salvatore Cacciato

Salvatore joined the SILT team in March and is responsible for transport operations under the guidance of Matteo Ripamonti.


Davide Castellana

Davide joined Intersea in September as an intern and in December he was hired in the container control department, which deals with the equipment of both Grimaldi and Sarjak, managed by Andrea Bossolino.


Elena Della Rovere

Elena joined Yang Ming Italy in March 2022 and since December has been employed in the booking export department, managed by Andrea Olanda.


Ylenia Di Natale

Ylenia started working in Yang Ming Italy in May 2021 and since February she has been employed in the Export department of YMI, managed by Andrea Olanda.


Nicolò Fazio

Nicolò completed a long internship in MTO and from September he officially joined the export transport department, managed by Valentina Marotta and then passed together with Cristina Lemmi in the FTL department.


Beatrice Ghisalberti

After an internship first in Ichnusa Lines and then in MTO, Beatrice was hired in Finsea from April and is responsible for managing the call centre of Ichnusa Lines, interfacing daily with the local ticket offices of Santa Teresa Gallura and Bonifacio. Answers to the commercial manager of the line, Guido Molinari.


Denis Jaho

Denis joined the SILT team in October after an internship of about a year and deals with the transport operations, managed by Matteo Ripamonti


Cristina Lemmi

More than ten years of 360-degree experience in conventional transport management in Europe, Cristina joined the Finsea Group in March to create and grow an FTL department within MTO.


Federico Migliorini

With over 5 years of experience in the logistics department of an important Genoese shipping agency, Federico has joined the Finsea Group since October, strengthening the export transport team of Valentina Marotta.


Andrea Montecchiesi

Andrea arrived in March in SAT as an intern and from December he was hired in the customs department, coordinated by Andrea Torriglia.


Enrico Paravagna

In Finsea from January 2022, after a first experience in Intersea in the department dedicated to the Indian NVOCC Sarjak Container Lines, Enrico has passed from some month to the management of the booking of Grimaldi.


Jacopo Parisi

In Finsea arrives with a university internship in Medmar Tramp, where Pierpaolo Di Campo helps him in the drafting of his thesis that compares the port costs in a range of different national ports. His internship then continues in Multimarine Services where he is hired from September, under the guidance of Simone Carlini.


Luigi Savini

Starting from June he started an internship in Yang Ming Italy and in December he was hired at the desk office coordinated by Paola Ailunno.


Dario Scarfone

Starting from March, Dario joined the Finsea Group after an internship of almost a year, strengthening the MTO team in the import transport department managed by Andrea Olivieri.

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