insea expands in the Balkans and opens four offices in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia.

Following intensification of the war in Ukraine, the entry of some countries of former Yugoslavia into the European Community, and the near-shoring policies of some European companies as a result of the shocks observed in logistics chains in recent years, the Balkans have become a strategic area, of key importance for trade in the Mediterranean and a focal point for different geopolitical interests.

A hot spot, in short, but with great business potential. While carefully keeping an eye on the current events, Finsea has formed a number of alliances that allow us to already operate in the area and have a privileged position for any future investments and developments.

The first agreement was signed with Gracijan Necmeskal – CEO of the TPG Group and already an agent of Yang Ming Line in Slovenia through Neptun Agency – with whom AdriaSea was founded, a 50/50 company with three locations: Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia.

The second agreement involves Croatia, with the purchase by Finsea of 50% of the Gate Express agency, already sub-agent of Yang Ming Italy.

The alliances forged in most of the Balkans will allow Finsea to represent Yang Ming Line throughout the area and seize new business opportunities.

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