Finsea Events

Palazzo del Principe, Genoa 6 October 2021


We began our careers by cheerfully presenting ourselves to customers, simply donning a tie, a smile and a hand to be shaken. That is how we set off, with each one of them, ready to build lasting, trusting professional relationships.

When we ask ourselves what makes a Group like ours stand out from others on the market, we still – especially today – place the human factor at the centre: fostering meetings, encouraging exchange, paying attention.

Our aim with this event was to renew our commitment to be there for our customers: an evening to find ourselves once again united, compact, together.

Genoa Lighthouse 2022

(with Finsea)

An extraordinary experience tailor-made for our customers, an event designed exclusively for them at the Museum of the Lighthouse “La Lanterna”, Genoa’s lighthouse since 1128 and the highest and most important in the Mediterranean.

Four companies took part in these meetings: Foppiani and Central Cargo on 24 March and 28 April respectively, accompanied by Yang Ming Italy; Geodis on 26 May accompanied by Mto; and Setoa on 11 June accompanied by Intersea. This was an excellent opportunity for them to bring the logistics managers of Italian manufacturing companies to Genoa and let them experience the port for a day, offering a unique opportunity to combine industry, shipping, logistics and institutions.

Did you know that …

Since 2017 Finsea has been part of the project “Insieme per la Lanterna” (Together for the Lighthouse), seeking to enhance Genoa’s symbolic monument, managed by PHAROS light for Heritage, a creative cultural enterprise.

Why do we do it?

Because Genoa is our home, our territory, a city to which we owe a lot and on which we continue to invest, not only in terms of business but also from a cultural and social perspective.

Port of Genoa 4 October 2022


Yacht Servant, the world’s largest semi-submersible yacht transport vessel, arrived at dawn on 2 October at Genoa’s IMT Terminal for her maiden call in Italy. The new flagship of Dutch shipowner DYT Yacht Transport of the Spliethoff Group (assisted in Italy by Multi Marine Services of the Finsea Group) was launched in early 2022 and will operate a regular service linking the Mediterranean with the Caribbean.

The Maiden Call ceremony, which took place on 4 October on board the Servant, was attended by the CEO Aldo Negri and by Ignazio Messina, CEO of Ignazio Messina & C., as well as by Laura Tempest, General Manager of DYT, and all local authorities: Giovanni Toti, President of the Region, Paolo Emilio Signorini, President of AdSP (Port System Authority), and Francesco Maresca, Port Councillor of the Municipality of Genoa.

Santa Margherita Ligure 1 July 2022


After two years of cancelled events and dinners and of keeping our physical distance, we were eagerly awaiting the moment we could all spend an evening together, have fun and get together. The opportunity came along with the Group’s first summer party, hosted by the Bagni Oasi at the Mare Ten Beach Club in Santa Margherita Ligure.

It was an awesome party!


    Finsea Christmas Dinner

    As per tradition, every year we gather together in one of the most beautiful villas in Genoa, Villa Lo Zerbino, for our exchange of greetings. Lots of laughter, joy and a bit of fun were our special ingredients for 2022. “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and – SNAP – the job’s a game!”
    Julie Andrews | Mary Poppins