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Uasac was born in 2008, taking on board all the know-how, the skills and the experiences of  the Medmar/Finsea Group who has been  Uasc’s agent  for over 20 years.

It was soon been able to grow to a high level of reputation amongst its Principals and all throughout the Italian and international shipping world due to its sound professionalism, straightforwardness of approach and quality of performance.
Uasac is a streamlined and efficient, organization: strong in marketing and sales, well qualified and cost conscious in port operations and cargo handling,  responsible and precise in administration.
A well-staffed logistic department, cost and quality minded, strongly support our salesmen by making the most competitive inland tariffs available for trucking and rail combined containers' carriage. The containers move  throughout all Italy and port to port in the Med area, through feeder services. All our departments are motivated and coordinated by a dynamic, stimulating management.
A highly advanced EDI Centre enables them to adequately respond to both owners' and shippers' requirements: sales reporting and follow up, booking and planning, documentation, administration, inland logistic and container control.
Our accuracy and punctuality, particularly for the two latter sectors, result in a cost saving opportunity for the owner and equipment dependability for the cargo.


Uasac’s performance is guided by a "total quality" principle, which is the main objective, throughout all our organization together with a personal approach and dedication to all our customers. The Company is smooth running and effective in all its departments, thanks to their high professionalism and a well developed teamwork culture.
Uasac has always prioritized good customer service, as well as offering competitive freights.


Uasac (Italy) Srl
P.zza G.Alessi, 1/3 - 16128 Genoa - Italy
Phone: +39.010.59631 (15 lines)
Fax: +39.010.5963430
E-mail: uasacitaly.genova@uasc.net

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Address: Via Roma, 70 – 57126 Leghorn - Italy
Phone: +39.0586.806070
E-mail: uasacitaly.livorno@uasc.net

La Spezia
: Via XXIV Maggio, 6 - 19124 La Spezia - Italy
Phone: +39.0187.020111
Fax: +39.0187.020170
E-mail: uasacitaly.laspezia@uasc.net

Address: Via Cassanese, 203 - 20090 Segrate (MI) - Italy
Phone: +39.02.2131315
Fax: +39.02.2133480
E-mail: uasacitaly.milano@uasc.net

Address: Dorsoduro 1826 – S. Marta P. Franco Fabbricato 17 – 30123 Venezia
Phone: +39.041.2712658
Fax +39.041.2712522
E-mail: medmarcom@vegaservice.net

Address: Via G.Melisurgo, 4 – 80133 Naples
Phone: +39.081.19572900
Fax +39.081.19572913
E-mail: mednap@finsea.it

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Uasac ‘s main specialization is intermodal transport acting as Liner Agents for high ranking container and conventional carriers operating regular services on the main world sea-routes from Far East to North America.
The shipping agency is also present on the North-South and inter-Med routes, direct and by transhipments at Genoa from a first carrier to a second one with dedicated services to final destinations.
The sales teams are highly motivated and marketing oriented, widely knowledgeable on foreign trades and their developing trends. They, day to day, door to door, promote sale's action and establish direct personal contacts and dedicated service.
The agency also operates on conventional and project cargo, offering to its customers full technical and logistic assistance.


The high volumes of handled containers, combined with that of other controlled Agencies, allow the possibility to offer the most efficient and competitive truck-rail, single or combined, container carriage.
An EDI centre, working on real time basis, is making on the spot cargo documentation available and accurate daily container control reports.
Freight and customer service departments are taking care of all shippers'-consignees' needs.
Specialists in planning and stowage of container vessels and cargo liners can offer any required assistance to Uasac’s Principals and customers.



Head and main offices are placed in Genoa.
Through Uasac branches or local companies in a joint-venture set up, the Company is well and extensively present in Milan, Leghorn, Naples, Venice, Trieste, La Spezia and other major Italian commercial centres and ports.
All the offices and associates are EDI connected through dedicated lines allowing direct real time interchange of communication.


UASC is a national line established in July 1976 jointly by six shareholding states from Arabian Gulf: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait. The company's authorized capital is USD 1770 million, of which USD 991 million has been subscribed. Annual turnover exceeds USD half billion.
Although main interest is focused on shipping line, UASC has successfully diversified to provide a wide range of shipping related services including shipping agencies, land transportation, freight forwarding, chartering, petrochemical transportation.


UASC owns a fleet of 27 vessels, of which: 9 of 13.500 teus, 8 of 6.900 teus and 10 of 3.800 teus of capacity.

UASC operates a container fleet of 120.000 TEUS consisting of dry vans (standard and high cubes) and specials including refrigerated, open tops, flat racks, tanks and open sides. Out of 120.000 TEUS operated, around 75% is owned by UASC.


Service: Full ctrs / lcl
Frequency: Weekly
Pol: Genoa, Malta (Leghorn, Naples, Venice)
Pod: Jeddah, (Aqaba), Khor Fakkan, (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dammam, Bahrain, Port Sultan Qaboos, Kuwait, Bandar Abbas, Mumbay, Karachi), Nava Sheva, Pipavav, Port Qasim
Transit-time: 8 days to first discharging port

Service: Full ctrs
Frequency: Weekly
Pol: La Spezia, Naples, Malta (Leghorn, Venice)
Pod: Port Kelang, Singapore, Hong Kong, Yantian, Kaohsiung
Transit-time: 18 days to first discharging port

ITALY TO U.S.A. (export)
Service: Full ctrs
Frequency: Weekly
Pol: La Spezia
: New York, Norfolk,Savannah
Transit-time: 13 days to first discharging port

Service: Full ctrs
Frequency: Weekly
Pod: La Spezia, Genoa, Naples, Malta (Leghorn, Venice)
Po: Pusan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Singapore (Main Japanese ports, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam), Port Kelang
Transit-time: 16 days from last loading port

Service: Full ctrs
Frequency: Weekly
Pod : La Spezia, Malta (Genoa, Naples, Leghorn, Venice)
Pol : Port Qasim, Pipavav, Nava Sheva (Mumbay), Jebel Ali (Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dammam, Bahrain, Mundra, Port Sultan Qaboos, Kuwait, Bandar Abbas, Colombo), Jeddah (Aqaba, Port Sudan) Alessandria, Malta
Transit-time: 10 days fm Jeddah to Spezia

U.S.A. TO ITALY (import)
Service: Full ctrs
Frequency: Weekly
Pod : Genoa
Pol : New York, Savannah, Norfolk
Transit-time: 14 days from last loading port


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