Intersea, the power of enthusiasm


Intersea is the longest rolling on /rolling off (and not only) agency in our Group.
The Finsea Group originated from Intersea, the first activity of Intersea was to be the agent for a shipping group which – during the first months of 1980 – carried goods on the Red Sea which were stuffed on Mafi trailers and containers, with ro ro vessels.
30 years later Intersea, which had been inactive for 7 years, resumed its activity, not only with the same capabilities, enthusiasm and with the same number of people as the time when it started but also with a sole difference: 30 years more of experience of managing this field.
Therefore in 2010 a perfect agency structure was established, gathering together all the 30 years of experience of the group in ship agency matters and this is the flagship of our Group, as the other agencies, in joint venture with important shipowners, have all the experience of Finsea Group but with the strong mark of their partner.

More than 30 years later,

the only thing that’s changed is the


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